Edition 2023

We are thrilled to announce the results of the Geneva Junior Music Competition 2023! The level of talent displayed by our participants this year was incredibly high, highlighting exceptional skills and artistry from performers representing various countries around the globe.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants for their remarkable performances. Your dedication and passion for music have truly shone through, making the judging process a challenging but rewarding experience.
As we eagerly anticipate our gala concert in Geneva on April 22, 2024, we cordially invite all participants, their families, and music enthusiasts to join us for this grand celebration of musical excellence. It promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with outstanding performances and the celebration of the winners. Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing invitations for the selected candidates to participate in our gala concert. Stay tuned for these forthcoming announcements!

All diplomas, including those for laureates and participants not listed on the website, will be sent via email by the end of January 2024.
Furthermore, a select few musicians will have the honor of being chosen to participate in concerts and festivals through our esteemed partners. We will be announcing these musicians on this page and social media in the coming days.
Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated. Your talent and dedication have made this year's competition a resounding success.

We kindly encourage you to follow us on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) to discover more about the laureates and stay updated on upcoming editions of the competition. Join us to stay connected and informed about our talented winners and future events!


Ivan Chepkin - Piano (Russia) VIDEO


Simone Spadino Pippa - Violin (Italy) VIDEO

Junior A Violin

1 Prize - Ha-Yul Sarah Yoon (England) VIDEO

2 Prize - Mattia Sijia Wang (USA), Emma Sofia Fong (Malaysia)

3 Prize - Riona Kihara (Japan)

4 Prize - Danil Mariani (Russia/Italy)

5 Prize - Flora Liu (USA)

Junior A Cello

1 Prize - Serene Kolakul (Thailand) VIDEO, Christopher Tiemroth (Denmark) VIDEO, Riccardo Lagana' (Italy) VIDEO

2 Prize - N.A.

3 Prize - Yian Wang (China), Kito Yoshioka (USA)

Junior A Piano

1 Prize - Irene Gao (USA) VIDEO

2 Prize - Guilherme Vale (Portugal), Nathaniel Wang (Australia)

3 Prize - Ma Xiaoyan (Switzerland)

4 Prize - Ziji Alphey Wang (United Kingdom)

5 Prize - Yaren Mehmed (Bulgaria)

Junior B Violin

1 Prize - Yurina Ohsawa (Japan) VIDEO

2 Prize - Elene Meparishvili (Georgia)

3 Prize - Huang Zheng Xin Curtis (China), Ilona Lottenbach (USA), Victoria Cui (USA)

4 Prize - Aubert Eloisa Marie (Luxembourg), Scarlett MARTEAU (Switzerland)

Junior B Cello

1 Prize - Yiqian Zhang (China) VIDEO

2 Prize - Yue Ching Effie Wong (China)

Junior B Piano

1 Prize - Miyabi Haseo (Japan) VIDEO

2 Prize - Stefan Szypura (Switzerland), Jelica Angelline Zecy Yang (Indonesia), Amélie Bertrand Panayotova (Bulgaria)

3 Prize - Anna Smerdova (Czech Republic), Kita Karen (England), Dai Lucas Okase (Singapore)

4 Prize - Natchanok Chonlacoop (Thailand), Annabelle Shaw (USA)

Junior C Violin

1 Prize - Sura Hasanli (Azerbaijan) VIDEO

2 Prize - Vega Rodriguez Perez (Spain), Estelle Presler (Switzerland)

3 Prize - Babayan Davit (Armenia), Jorba-Wu Sacha (Canada)

Junior C Cello

1 Prize - Yeji Maria Lee (Germany) VIDEO, Lyana Ulikhanyan (Armenia/Switzerland) VIDEO

2 Prize - Winston Yu (USA), Sofía Manchado Chamizo (Spain), Théodore Eperon (Switzerland)

3 Prize - Jana Bojanowski (Germany), Adam Kim (USA), Hala Saliba (Israel)

4 Prize - Ryan Yeh (New Zealand)

Junior C Piano

1 Prize - Chanya Bayla Somboonvechakarn (Thailand) VIDEO, Naïma Pfiffer (Switzerland) VIDEO

2 Prize - Hao Bo Sun (China), Ching-Chiao Chang (Tawain), Joshua Zhongshu Chen (Indonesia)

3 Prize - Gandurov Bozhidar (Bulgaria), Pharphum Phophong (Thailand)

4 Prize - Lucas Chiche (Switzerland)

Junior D Violin

1 Prize - Aiden Yu (USA) VIDEO

2 Prize - Natalia Dragan (Poland), Ririka Fukuda (Japan), Juan José Peña Aguirre (Switzerland)

3 Prize - Alicja Jablońska (Poland)

4 Prize - Oriana Wojciechowska (Poland), Athanasios Kyparos (Greece)

Junior D Cello

1 Prize - Lyam Chenaux (Switzerland) VIDEO, Andrew Y. Kim (USA) VIDEO

2 Prize - Hayden Ren (USA), Claire Mindell (Canada)

3 Prize - Seoyul Lee (South Korea)

4 Prize - Zhongming Chen (China), Donghu Kim (USA)

Junior D Piano

1 Prize - Ivan Chepkin (Russia) VIDEO, Zhiqian Cen (China) VIDEO

2 Prize - Siriwattanakorn Weetiwat (Thailand)

3 Prize - Pietrzak Michal (Poland)

4 Prize - Han Xinyi (China)

Virtuoso Violin

1 Prize - Simone Spadino Pippa (Italy) VIDEO, Seunghyun Kang (Germany) VIDEO

2 Prize - Maria Sotriffer (Austria) VIDEO

3 Prize - Alexandra Khramova (Russia) VIDEO, Xingzhou Rong (China) VIDEO

4 Prize - Yuki Hirano (Austria) VIDEO

5 Prize - Iryna Borysova (Ukraine) VIDEO

Virtuoso Cello

1 Prize - Xinyue Zhu (USA) VIDEO, Jizheng Fang (Germany) VIDEO

2 Prize - Ji Woo Yoon (Germany) VIDEO

3 Prize - Mathilde Reuzé (France/Switzerland) VIDEO

4 Prize - Juan Pozas (Spain) VIDEO, Shengyu Liu (China) VIDEO

Virtuoso Piano

1 Prize - N.A.

2 Prize - Ekaterina Bonyushkina (Russia/Switzerland) VIDEO

3 Prize - Christina Stuart (England/Greece) VIDEO, Antonia De Pasquale (Italy) VIDEO


Public Choice Award

Simone Spadino Pippa (Italy) - Violin VIDEO

Special Prize Association Jean-Daniel Balet

Lyana Ulikhanyan (Armenia/Switzerland) - Cello VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Lyam Chenaux (Switzerland) - Cello VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Special Prize Irène Dénéréaz

Maria Sotriffer (Austria) - Violin VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Iryna Borysova (Ukraine) - Violin VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Mathilde Reuzé (France/Switzerland) - Cello VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Ekaterina Bonyushkina (Switzerland) - Piano VIDEO - 500.-CHF

Special Prizes

Xinyue Zhu (USA) - Cello VIDEO - 250.-CHF

Seunghyun Kang (Germany) - Violin VIDEO - 250.-CHF

Yuki Hirano (Austria) - Violin VIDEO - 250.-CHF

Zhiqian Cen (China) - Piano VIDEO- 250.-CHF

Special Prize PIRASTRO

VIOLIN: Ha-Yul Sarah Yoon, Yurina Ohsawa, Sura Hasanli, Aiden Yu, Seunghyun Kang

CELLO: Kolakul Serene, Yiqian Zhang, Yeji Maria Lee, Andrew Y. Kim, Jizheng Fang

Special Prize La Grange aux Violons (200 EURO Vaucher)

Mukhammadrizo Rusmatov (Switzerland) - Cello VIDEO

Special Prize P.Fuhrer Pianos (Piano Bench Lift 600)

Naïma Pfiffer (Switzerland) - Piano VIDEO

Special Prize P.Fuhrer Pianos (Piano Service)

Amélie Bertrand Panayotova (Bulgaria) VIDEO